Internal Auditing

Our patented next generation services are revolutionising internal auditing.

Our internal auditing services can be applied across ISO standards, FCA compliance, ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), PCI DSS, Supply Chain, and numerous other regulations and standards.

Reduce the cost of compliance.

Assess over 30 times more stakeholders to develop meaningful benchmarks.

Benefit from organisational alignment, which will improve business performance, productivity, and compliance.

Understand root causes of misalignment and behaviours across business functions.

Identify emergent risk and benefit from predictive analytics.

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ISO Standards

Helping you audit your ISO standards whilst enhancing your management system and business outputs.

DeepFathom allows you to:

Move from manually intensive audits and harness digital assessments to save time and money.

Benefit from precision reporting to ISO clauses.

Minimise human error and sub optimal benchmarking.

Unique insights of stakeholder group behaviour across business functions and relationships to organisation alignment, compliance, emergent risk, and productivity toward business goals.

Reduce ISO assessment carbon footprint by digitally transcending multiple business functions and geographies.

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Brewing Audits

A well audited brewery will save money, produce consistent brews, and attract the best distributors, wholesalers, buyers, prices, and discerning customers.

DeepFathom certificate allows you to:

Audit to the highest standards and drive shareholder value creation.

Meet Legal and Legislation Compliance.

Increase productivity, gained from aligned behaviours across all stakeholders.

Product Quality.

Health & Safety.

Modern Day Compliance.

Future Compliance awareness e.g. ESG.

Production optimisation.

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Corporate Governance

Increased demands from investors, legislation, standards, employees, supply chain, and customers has made corporate governance and management systems more expensive and complex to manage.

DeepFathom solves this problem.

DeepFathom will help you:

Understand and identify stakeholder alignment to your corporate governance.

Report and benchmark behavioural alignment and emergent risk.

Develop new insights as to where and why governance issues are arising.

Help shape new behaviours to drive better governance and performance.

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