Partnerships can be light touch or a strategic alliance - we'll work together to tailor the right partnership for you, resulting in tangible business outcomes.

Benefits of working together

Our partnerships open up a route to unrivalled levels of knowledge, experience and support, enabling you to build a better business.

By working closely together, you will be able to identify new opportunities, strengthen your existing customer relationships and develop innovative new ways to tackle the challenges that the modern business world presents.

International Standard Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships increasing the value of standards and compliance.

DeepFathom is collaborating with global ISO registration bodies to deliver new innovations to drive more value to auditing and certification whilst meeting UKAS rigorous requirements.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Auditing and certification capacity doubles in capacity
  • Blended manual and digital audits drive consistency in reporting, benchmarking to each clause
  • Audited sample size easily increased by 300%
  • Ground breaking descriptive analytics across stakeholder groups and business function
  • Metrics of compliance, emergent risk, and management system maturity index
  • Reduced client audit cost and disruption
  • Ability to link standards to organisation alignment and productivity to management systems and objectives
  • Guaranteed new business insights to accelerate change and improvement
  • Reduced carbon footprint by 50%
  • Created a major innovation that could be adopted by the global certification bodies

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Sector Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships to drive positive sector compliance

DeepFathom strategically collaborates with sector stakeholders to address compliance challenges so they can sustain growth and sector maturity.

Example of Brewing Sector Partnership:

  • Collaborated with Master Brewers, leading distributor, and the major pubs and procurement teams to address the limitations of traditional auditing and compliance
  • Revolutionised the auditing process with consistent evidence based collection, effective brewer guidance and support
  • Clear reporting of areas where brewers, distributors, procurement teams, and the end customers were not protected and exposed to risk
  • Provided rapid change and improvements to ensure brewers met legal requirements and insurance cover
  • Clear benchmarking of brewer compliance
  • Development of meaningful supply chain relationships so current and future legislation can be met to ensure sustainable and resilient trading partnerships
  • Significant cost and time savings for entire supply chain.

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Introducer Partnerships:

What it means:

  • Simply introduce your customers and prospects to our services, we do the rest.

Benefits to you:

  • An ongoing arrangement that brings regular income to your business
  • The opportunity to introduce new value-add services to your customers
  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers
  • Access to our network of like-minded businesses

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Reseller Partnerships:

What it means:

  • Resell the services that DeepFathom provides into your customer base

Benefits to you:

  • Additional value add product offering to your customers
  • Opportunity to introduce a new revenue stream to your business
  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers
  • Demonstrate further innovation for your brand

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