Partnerships can be light touch or a strategic alliance - we'll work together to tailor the right partnership for you, resulting in tangible outcomes.

Benefits of working together

Our partnerships open up a route to unrivalled levels of knowledge, experience and support, enabling you to build a better business.

By working closely together, you will be able to identify new opportunities, strengthen your existing customer relationships and develop innovative new ways to tackle the challenges that the modern business world presents.

Accredited ISO Certification Body Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships increasing the value of standards and compliance.

DeepFathom is collaborating with global ISO Certification Bodies to deliver innovative auditing solutions to add value to their operations and drive more value to their end client.

Our main focus is on pre-ISO certification gap analysis, certifications, surveillance, and recertification audits whilst continuing to meet the requirements of ISO17021:2015, mandatory documents such as MD5 and TPS74.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Audits are less disruptive and time consuming for end clients.
  • Audited sample size increased by 30x for statistical significance, at no additional cost.
  • Consistent analysis and reporting supporting auditor on premise and physical evidence analysis.
  • Provision of forward-looking data articulating active and emergent risk.
  • CB can double their auditing capacity with no additional auditors.
  • Exact audit analysis and reporting of ISO clauses and sub clauses.
  • Ground-breaking insights and assisted AI to provide pathways for change and improvement.
  • Reduced auditing carbon footprint.

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Financial Services Partnership FCA Regulated Firms:

Ground breaking Regulated Audits as a Services (RAaaS) with Green Swan Compliance.

DeepFathom has developed strategic joint initiative with Green Swan Compliance to address the challenges faced by UK Electronic Money Institutions, Authorised Payment Institutions, Crypto, and Retail Banking regulated by the FCA.

The partnership has developed next generation RAaaS that drives value creation across all the stakeholders.

RAaaS Highlights:

  • EMI FCA regulated firms can rapidly self-audit and generate reports across all areas of their mandatory requirements.
  • Independent FS auditing firms can provided a blended digital and physical evidence audit service.
  • Alignment with the FCA 12 Principles based framework and risk management.
  • Revolutionised auditing process with consistent evidence-based collection, effective EMI guidance.
  • Clear reporting of active and emergent risk.
  • Rapid corrective measurs to ensure regulations and insurance expectations are met.
  • Significant cost and time savings for a stakeholders.
  • Integrated reporting across FCA regulations, ISO standards, and core business performance drivers.

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Global Development Agency Partnership:

Next generation feedback assessments driving change and improvement across the global development agencies and international supply chain.

Keystone has helped over 200 global development agencies in over 20 countries in its mission to gain better feedback and constituent voice.

The joint initiative is has delivered the capability to measure the alignment of stakeholders, and the effectiveness and maturity of global development agencies partnerships.

Keystone joint initiative highlights:

  • Multi-lingual services to accommodate international stakeholders.
  • Accommodation of Keystone’s historical benchmarks created over 20 years.
  • Integration of DeepFathom’s patented approach and ‘Maturity Index’ with development agency and their partnership performance drivers to improve alignment of behaviours and outcomes.
  • Ground-breaking dashboards and reports articulating stakeholder alignment, active and emergent risk, potential consequences and actionable remedy.

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Hospitality Sector Customer Protection Partnerships:

Disruptive services driving positive supply chain compliance and transformation.

DeepFathom strategically collaborates with sector stakeholders to address compliance challenges so they can sustain growth and sector maturity.

Example of Brewing Sector Partnership:

  • Collaborated with Master Brewers, leading distributor, and the major pubs and procurement teams to address the limitations of traditional auditing and compliance.
  • Revolutionised the auditing process with consistent evidence-based collection, effective brewer guidance and support.
  • Clear reporting of areas where brewers, distributors, procurement teams, and the end customers were not protected and exposed to risk.
  • Provided rapid change and improvements to ensure brewers met legal requirements and insurance cover
  • Clear benchmarking of brewer compliance.
  • Development of meaningful supply chain relationships so current and future legislation can be met to ensure sustainable and resilient trading partnerships.
  • Significant supply chain cost and time savings.

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Introducer Partnerships:

What it means:

  • Simply introduce your customers and prospects to our services, we do the rest.

Benefits to you:

  • An ongoing arrangement that brings regular income to your business
  • The opportunity to introduce new value-add services to your customers
  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers
  • Access to our network of like-minded businesses

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Reseller Partnerships:

What it means:

  • Resell the services that DeepFathom provides into your customer base

Benefits to you:

  • Additional value add product offering to your customers
  • Opportunity to introduce a new revenue stream to your business
  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers
  • Demonstrate further innovation for your brand

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