Thriving employees equals thriving business

The challenge

The business landscape has changed forever; the pandemic, shifts in the global economy, and emerging technology means we are now all operating differently. The battleground to gain competitive advantage in this new environment is around a company’s most value assets, people. Attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent and resource is now more critical than it’s ever been. With increasing numbers of people opting for remote working, the potential exists for employees to feel disconnected and disengaged. Many businesses are simply surviving rather than thriving. The companies which will prosper are those who harness the power of their people, genuinely engaging and connecting with them. Happy staff leads to increased productivity and better performance.

What we do

DeepFathom specialise in delivering a range of employee engagement services, that enables businesses to be more efficient and effective, by uncovering behaviours and risks before they have a chance to negatively impact on business performance. The behaviour of your people is a lead indicator to risk, directly impacting on business performance. We have developed an intuitive online platform and suite of assessment tools which help uncover risks in advance, improving outputs and driving sustainable growth.

Why we are different

Our software allows us to take a new, people-focused approach to assessing and measuring employees’ behaviour. Our services are fact-based and not subjective, and through predictive analytics and trend analysis, we expose risk, minimise business disruption and optimise performance. By focusing on employee engagement, companies can strengthen the bond they have with their teams – the better people feel about their job, the happier they are and the better they will perform.

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The better people feel about their job, the happier they are and the better they will perform.

How it works

Working in collaboration, we help you:

  • Craft a tailored assessment using our online platform and tools to measure health and wellbeing.
  • Run the online assessment; this is confidential, with no human auditor.
  • Collect people’s experiences through our assessment – not how they feel, what they like or dislike, it’s fact-based not subjective. This removes value judgements which makes the information more valuable.
  • The assessments are not surveys, the statements, responses and software algorithms are science based, removing emotional bias.
  • Analyse data in real time using our crowd sourced auditing approach, providing valuable insights as to where risks to performance are emerging using benchmarks.
  • Generate a range of reports that can be tailored to your business needs and data streamed to a business information (BI) Tool should you need this.

Business Benefits

  • Attract, retain, and develop the best people. Our software uncovers risk, and truly engages people, which improves how they feel and how they perform.
  • Our system helps people feel engaged and valued, which means people are more productive, boosting operational efficiency and improving performance levels.
  • Less employee churn and fewer sick days, increasing productivity, which means a positive financial impact on your business.
  • A true, real-time reflection of what is happening within your business, not just what you think is happening.
  • Strengthen the bond you have with your employees by demonstrating your commitment to their wellbeing, making them feel valued and recognising the contribution they make.
  • Clearly identify individual and team behaviours, leading not only to improved performance, but greater employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.
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DeepFathom has helped organisations of multiple sizes and sectors across the world. Clients range from MOD, nuclear power, tech starts ups to agriculture and tourism.

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