ISO Standards

ISO standards are designed to improve every area of your business and your management system.

Next generation of ISO auditing and reporting

DeepFathom’s next generation approach to internal and external third party auditing has created breakthroughs on many levels. Our unique approach blends traditional onsite auditing with our digital auditing capabilities. The combination is a game changer.

We not only assess, measure, and report with pinpoint precision compliance to ISO clauses, but also the core success drivers of your business.

You will see for the first time the behaviours of your stakeholders and their effective alignment to your strategic goals and compliance to ISO standards.

We help you get on track and accelerate progress.

ISO third party and internal auditing and certification:

Internal Audits

Our software increases internal auditing teams capacity and contribution to business productivity, value creation, board decisions and the ability for the company to drive change and improvement.

Benefits of our Internal Audits

Internal auditing across all your sites whilst increasing capacity by up to 350%.

Ability to provide benchmarked reporting to regulators, customers, investors, and wider stakeholders that you’re behavioural and culture compliance risks are being proactively and predictively managed.

Identify the impact of behaviours across functions and the how to accelerate progress toward your organisation’s goals.

Ability to use evidence based leading indicators to identify root cause analysis.

Provide reports of value to compliance departments as well as a vital board level document.

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ISO 3rd Party / External Auditing

DeepFathom collaborates with global ISO registration bodies to deliver new innovations to drive more value to auditing and certification whilst meeting rigorous requirements.

DeepFathom Audit Benefits:

No additional cost to existing traditional audits.

On average the audit sample size is 350% larger, this allows us to run next generation analytics.

Audit any time of day, across any business function, in any geography with total confidentiality.

Audit disruption is reduced so there is minimal impact on the business productivity and operations.

Precise reporting to ISO clauses with a risk and maturity index and metrics across audited business functions.

Ability to measure lack of alignment, emergent risk and apply change and improvement with more precision.

Business Insights Report

Our software doesn’t just provide ground breaking auditing and reporting to ISO clauses, we can do so much more.

Business Insights Report Benefits:

Insights into your core business driver scores.

Predictive business performance and shareholder value creation scores.

Give all stakeholders a confidential voice to explore sustainability within your organisation.

Give all stakeholders a confidential voice to explore sustainability within your organisation.

Expose cultural risks to facilitate real change that maximises your investment in improvement projects and activities.

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How to start the journey

Accessing all of the benefits of our ISO auditing services is fast and easily implemented.

How to progress:

Request a full demonstration from DeepFathom.

Request DeepFathom is used by your third party auditor and / or your internal audit team.

Inform us of which standard(s) you would like to audit.

Activation meeting to configure business functions, audit participants, and go live dates.

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