Omnichannel Contact Centres.


Yonder went on an assertive acquisition trail buying 3 competitors growing its headcount 20 fold from 75 employees to over 1,500. It was imperative the business worked as one united operation, one culture, adopting the same behaviours and management systems.

Reasons for engaging with DeepFathom

Yonder needed to adopt a system that was accepted by ISO, PCI, Investors in People and the FCA, but also delivered the ability to drive behavioural change in an organisation where internal communication was limited and access to staff difficult.

Yonder needed a clear solution to fit their budgets. DeepFathom was the only provider that could meet all these requirements.

DeepFathom Approach

An assessment system was designed to cater for ISO, PCI, FCA and IIP compliance as well as catering for the desired culture and values of Yonder.

DeepFathom designed the system so that contact centre advisors could participate in their assessments in less than 7 minutes but also between calls. This meant adoption and completion rates were high and no productivity was lost in the contact centres.

Monthly assessments were developed so that the reporting could identify incongruence in stakeholder experiences across different departments, roles, locations and functions.

DeepFathom provided the required adjustments needed to unify Yonder around a united set of behaviours.

DeepFathom Effect

Within 9 months from start to finish a complex post acquisition change programme was delivered.

All of the accreditations were met across the group.

Over £200,000 of efficiencies in operations were gained.

Staff retention increased by 10%.

Productivity increased by 7%.

Significant savings were made in auditing and management consultancy fees.

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