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RAC wanted to find a better way to audit their garages in order to maintain service levels and improve public confidence.

Reasons for engaging with DeepFathom

DeepFathom’s online platform offered a scalable solution allowing RAC’s nationwide inspection teams to audit and report with speed, consistency and accuracy.

DeepFathom Approach

A method was created to standardise audits, achieving greater consistency across the RAC engineer base.

The findings from each inspection are now automatically streamed from the mobile device, analysed and reported direct to the garage. Simultaneously, the data is streamed to dashboards where RAC managers and their customers can manage the various schemes.

DeepFathom Effect

The DeepFathom platform copes seamlessly and quickly when implementing any change to the audit.

Creates greater consistency and accuracy in the inspection process, reducing risk.

Removes paperwork and admin, greatly speeding up reporting, internally and externally.

Ability to benchmark garages nationwide and see where management action is needed.

Instant results sent to garages, improving customer service and reducing the need for on-site report writing.

Access to nationwide data, allowing better understanding of the results and how they align against the key objectives on each scheme, consistently and automatically.

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