DeepFathom partners with AFNOR UK

Deep Fathom are thrilled to announce our partnership with AFNOR UK, a global certification body that has been at the forefront of international standardisation activities for nearly a century, spanning more than 100 countries.

This partnership represents a significant step forward, aiming to enhance auditing services by providing deeper insights into behaviour, and its impact on risk, compliance and business performance, adding greater value to all stakeholders within the supply chain.

By combining AFNOR UK’s extensive experience across international standards with DeepFathom’s expertise in digital innovation, organisations can navigate regulatory complexities with confidence using next-generation auditing techniques.

Next generation auditing seamlessly blends traditional techniques with behavioural measurements. This approach is designed to enhance auditing processes by simultaneously gauging the behaviours of stakeholders across diverse locations, departments and job roles.

Organisations that choose to implement DeepFathom and AFNOR UK solutions can expect tangible benefits, including reaching corners of organisations that traditional methods alone cannot reach, yielding more substantial audit sample sizes, and gaining deeper, more insightful perspectives. This empowers informed decision-making, ultimately enhancing efficiencies and business outcomes.

Deep Fathom and AFNOR UK share a vision of a new era, where auditing isn’t just a regulatory requirement, but a strategic tool for growth.

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