Cory Brothers wanted an approach to auditing that supported the organisation’s core values, and its business unique selling point.

Reasons for engaging with DeepFathom

Customers increasingly require companies to act sustainably and deliver their USP in a manner that meets ESG requirements.

Cory brothers engaged with DeepFathom because of our unique approach to compliance. Their online tools explore people’s behaviour and make this visible to directors of the business so they can act on areas they see as risks to performance and compliance.

DeepFathom Approach

DeepFathom assisted Cory Brothers in creating a framework of business processes that provided guidance to what actually happens within the organisation.

This includes Health and Safety issues, risk to business objectives and compliance requirements such as ISO9001. The creates a fresh learning experience, providing insights that will lead to a more innovative organisation.

DeepFathom Effect

Exposed risked helped inform Senior Management meetings, where consequences are reviewed, and improvements implemented.

Assisted Cory Brothers in showcasing its audit and management of people’s behaviour. One which is fully aligned with its culture, as a people-based service.

Helped to achieve the management’s vision of creating a truly compliant company moving away from mere tick boxing, making visible what was really going on.

All UK and international locations can be monitored simultaneously, which helps with benchmarking to identify and mitigate risks.

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