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Cirrus wanted to improve business sustainability, increase productivity, and reduce the impact of silo based departmental structures.

Reasons for engaging with DeepFathom

DeepFathom’s intuitive online platform would provide the insights to enable Cirrus to modify their behaviour and achieve their sustainability objectives.

DeepFathom Approach

In collaboration DeepFathom helped Cirrus create a framework of business processes and behaviours that included controls, clearer responsibilities, and improved performance management measures.

Using the DeepFathom assessment tools Cirrus could understand the behaviour of their teams in relation to the targets in their annual plan. From these risk-based insights Cirrus were able to drive changes to their culture that directly impacted business performance.

DeepFathom Effect

Cirrus could measure and understand the negative impact of working in silo-based departments and the risk this carries in achieving their business sustainability objectives.

Cirrus could demonstrate to investors and Financial Conduct Regulators how their business really works and that they are managing their culture to deliver objectives and regulatory requirements.

It created a fundamentally different view of their business, making visible what was really going on, even if some of the findings were unwelcome.

Provided evidence of what they were really doing internally and how this aligned with their business-wide objectives.

Moved Cirrus away from tick boxing to seeing the management of their business through a clear set of reporting and insight documents and analytics tools.

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