The critical role of behavioural assessment in managing transition risk.

In a world where change is constant, understanding human behavior and its impact on the practices required for organisational transition is not just beneficial, it’s essential for long-term success.

How employees respond to change, adapt to new processes, and align their actions with the organisation’s new management system and goals dramatically influences the outcome of any transition. This begs the question is how can an organisation define, objectively measure, and then drive change and improvement of employee practices and the alignment of their behaviours.

The challenge organisations face is that auditing of behaviours and practices traditionally relies on either sentiment analysis (this is the opposite of objective evidence collection), unilateral surveys (often blunt measurements), or auditor observations and 1-2-1 interviews (inconsistent, slow, bias, expensive, and often statistically insignificant).

The most important leading indicator of active and emergent risk, and driver of change and improvement is the Achilles heel of auditing. The net result is that 70% of large scale transformations projects fail.

Is there an alternative? Yes there is.

Do organisations have to live with 70% failure rates? No they don’t.

DeepFathom have developed Next Generation Auditing to solve these problems. Our patented and peer reviewed approaches reduce costs by up to 75%, reduce human error, rapidly audit and produce reports that pinpoint where you, what than means, what the consequence of the audit means, and how to create a clear pathway to reduce risk, align behaviours, and increase the maturity of practices, and the likelihood of success.

The outcome of this is increased compliance, effectiveness, efficiency, and organizational performance.

Why live with the status quo transition risk, if you can simply applies better tools and services.

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DeepFathom has helped organisations of multiple sizes and sectors across the world. Clients range from MOD, nuclear power, tech starts ups to agriculture and tourism.

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