Groundbreaking assessment tools help employee engagement organizations add value

The landscape in which businesses operate has completely changed. Some have found ways to innovate and operate differently simply to keep their heads above water, others have had to find new methods and systems to ensure their workforce remains effective. Some have not survived at all.

We are all doing things differently now – more people work from home rather than in the office and remote working is presenting completely new challenges for business. There is much more potential now for employees to feel disconnected and undervalued, and for changing circumstances to impact people’s mental health.

No one sees this more clearly than companies who work in the Employee Engagement space. Organisations who market and provide services tailored towards helping employees and employers will have noticed the trends and had these issues on their agenda for a while. DeepFathom works with companies in the field of Employee Engagement to provide tools which analyse and measure the health and wellbeing of its workforce, which is directly linked to behaviour and performance.

We can provide you with assessment tools that will help bring an additional revenue stream for employee engagement organisations, meaning more value to your clients, helping them assess the effectiveness and productivity of their people. For the first time, you can offer a service which directly links the health and wellbeing of staff to their performance – a value add service that could strongly complement your product portfolio.

We have developed an intuitive online platform and suite of assessment tools which allow you to help the companies you work with get ahead of the game by uncovering behaviours and issues in advance, heading them off and improving organisational performance. That’s important because it allows organisations offering Employee Engagement services to add a distinctive product to your portfolio, a new revenue stream to your business and more value to your clients. It strengthens the bond you have with them.

It also allows you to send out a strong message to the organisations you work with – that by helping them focus on Employee Engagement they will attract, develop and retain the best people, increase profitability, have less employee churn and fewer sick days to contend with, and improve the wellbeing of their staff. And staff wellbeing is crucial because the more that people feel passionate, happy and connected to their job, the better they will perform. Happy employees equals higher productivity.

So the world may have changed, but it’s possible to change with it. By doing so, you can help your clients to measure the impact of their most important asset – the people who work for them – to identify and address shortcomings, and to put them in the best shape they can be in the changed landscape in which we now all find ourselves.

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DeepFathom has helped organisations of multiple sizes and sectors across the world. Clients range from MOD, nuclear power, tech starts ups to agriculture and tourism.

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