Developing your people – why it helps to see the whole picture

We hear it all the time – people are a company’s most tangible and impactful asset. They’re your stars of the future, so it’s vital that the very best people are attracted in the first place, given the opportunity and encouragement to develop, and retained to have the best possible impact in the future.

Sounds great in principle – yet in practice, all too often companies investing in training and developing their people only get to see half the picture. What’s reported back is simply what courses people have been on, whether they enjoyed it and what they learned. But the missing piece of the jigsaw – measuring the impact of the training by looking at what people are doing differently when they get back in the workplace – is all too often overlooked.

And we all know how annoying it is to do a jigsaw, only to find a piece missing at the end.

Training and developing people can be a significant investment for a business. Therefore, being able to measure what has been learned and taken into the workplace, and in turn the positive commercial impact it is having on the business, can not only boost profits, it can set companies apart from their competition because they are doing things differently.

DeepFathom has developed an intuitive online platform with a suite of ground-breaking assessment tools which measure the effect that training courses have had on people – and therefore the impact on the overall performance of the business.

This allows training and development companies to help businesses bring on their most impact asset people, providing training to demonstrate how effective what they have delivered is to their clients. And for the companies who have made the investment, it helps measure the performance of its people, meaning they operate as efficiently as possible by ensuring the highest levels of standards, quality and output.

Being able to assess how effective training has been, and how what has been learned and absorbed has embedded itself in the workplace, provides tangible indicators around business performance. All of which feeds into outputs, efficiency and productivity, and results in teams working more closely together.

Our behavioural and cultural assessments lead organisations to understand the impact that the training they have invested in is having on their business. Solid advice and guidance, rooted in proven data, to ensure that the impact of training on your people improves the performance of those individuals and of the business overall.

And then of course, you have all the pieces necessary to complete the jigsaw.

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DeepFathom has helped organisations of multiple sizes and sectors across the world. Clients range from MOD, nuclear power, tech starts ups to agriculture and tourism.

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