DeepFathom partners with Green Swan Compliance.

DeepFathom is delighted to announce our partnership with Green Swan Compliance Ltd, a specialist Financial Services compliance firm that is on a mission to improve the strength and resilience of E-Money Institutions, their Agents and Distributors.

The partnership combines DeepFathom’s patented next generation auditing and Green Swan Compliance’s deep understanding of the Fintech community, the complexity of pressures they are under, and the increased challenges to meet FCA demands.

The partnership aims to help EMIs quickly, effectively, and affordably audit themselves to understand the degree to which their policies, monitoring, reporting, and enterprise-wide behaviours meet the requirements of the EMI 2011 regulations, FCA 12 Principles, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and the pending DORA regulations.

The partnership will enhance EMIs resilience to external fraudulent activity and bad actors, protect consumers, increase investor confidence in the fintech sector, provide fair value, and ensure consumers are sold suitable products and services via EMIs.

In a matter of months, the partnership has created groundbreaking Regulated Audits as a Service. The digital reports and dashboards are designed to help EMI’s rapidly identify their active and emergent risk, and enable them to proactively pinpoint corrective measures, mitigate risks and increase compliance.

Deep Fathom and Green Swan Compliance share a vision of a new era, where auditing of EMI’s isn’t just a mandatory requirement, but a strategic tool for growth.

For more information about Green Swan Compliance RAaaS:

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