About Us

DeepFathom has helped organisations of multiple sizes and sectors across the world, from MOD, nuclear power, tech starts ups, brewing to agriculture and tourism.

Our Patented approach and service tools have discovered insights that enable them to build better businesses.

Decades of experience revealed that most organisations have focused heavily on strategy, products and processes, using performance indicators based on historical data.

While these methods are important, they often failed to uncover real insights which impact performance. Quantifying this “performance gap” has been difficult, if not impossible.

Until now.

DeepFathom has developed peer reviewed and patented methodologies and services that can discover insights that improve organisation alignment, performance, compliance and agility.


To uncover unique insights that will lead to better compliance, better decisions, better outcomes.


To create a world where every business has the information and insights it needs to succeed.

Our Values.


Long term solutions result from trusted relationships.

You can depend upon us and the services and tools we provide.


Clarity is at the heart of what we do.

Our approach is easy to understand, steering clear of unnecessary complexities.


We are curious about the world around us.

We’re driven to find new ideas and solutions, continually innovating our products, tools and services.


Humans develop by sharing.

We do this with an open mind, open heart, and in a highly supportive style.

Meet the Senior Management Team

Ian Rosam

Founder and Chief Product Officer

Ian is the founder and creator of the DeepFathom intellectual property and digital platform.
His background in Enterprise Risk Management, management systems, business performance and compliance puts him in a unique position to see businesses as living, evolving entities. A pioneer in exploring behaviours at work, he uses his wealth of experience to help businesses achieve their objectives.

Ian has worked with organisations such as RAC, AVX, ESB, BSi, and private equity investors. He has created a Regulatory Body and represented the UK in good practice definition, as well as presenting at conferences including one in Japan on risk management following the Fukushima disaster. He is a member of the Institute of Personnel and Development, the Quality Institute, and Institute of Banking.

Ian is married with three children and six grandchildren, spending his time living between Portugal and the UK having adopted home working and the digital world twenty five years ago.

Darren Marsh

Chief Executive Officer

Darren has extensive experience in the technology industry, from IT, telecommunications and big data, to helping businesses with digital transformation and optimising their service offering to SaaS. Darren has held Directorships at Growth Partners Plc, Advanced, O2, Romex World, Bconnected, BT Local Business, and national Sales Manager at Cable & Wireless and Regional Sales Manager of Alcatel-Lucent. His leadership skills have helped many businesses drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and raise shareholder value.

As an entrepreneur, Darren ran his own software business taking it from concept to commercial launch, successfully securing several innovation grants, and PE investment to trade buyout. He is passionate about driving growth with businesses through increased employee engagement and performance.

Highly competitive and focused, Darren is a team player who leads by example. He enjoys competitive sports having played rugby for the armed services and captained the local team. He is a 2nd Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a keen tennis player and a committee member of the local club. When not indulging in sport he enjoys travelling, reading, and spending valuable time with his family.

Juliette Rivett

Juliette Rivett

Chief Financial Officer

Juliette started her finance career at a very early age, and as such, has too many years of experience to mention. She has a degree in Applied Accounting and qualified as a certified, chartered accountant (ACCA) in 2004. In 2012 Juliette received the Investment Operations Certificate from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

She has worked in a number of industries from advertising to entertainment to retail. The last 17 years have focused on the Financial Services sector. This includes holding key Senior Manager roles with the FCA and has even been registered with the Abu Dhabi regulator as Finance Officer. Juliette’s previous roles include Finance Director and Chief Finance Officer in Railsr, GKPro, Formax Prime Capital (UK ) Ltd and AFEX (now part of Corpay)

Juliette is a great fit for the team as she thrives on a challenge and is well versed in working in a fast-paced tech environment. She has a passion for helping businesses to perform to high standards, whilst creating process efficiencies and cost savings.

She is passionate about sharing her financial skills and experience with not-for-profit organisations. She currently sits on a Multi Academy Trust Board, which has 4 schools within the trust and is looking to grow that to 10 over the next couple of years.

When not busy working or volunteering, Juliette loves to spend time with her husband, Paul, and daughter, Hannah. Juliette enjoys skiing and beach holidays. She is fairly well travelled but would love to do more of it..

Ade Palmer-Geaves

Chief Technology Officer

Ade got into technology at an early age, specialising in computer science in the early 1980’s. He has been a business leader in the technology sector ever since. Ade set up EnlightKS which her grew into a successful ed-tech business, selling it to PSI Services LLC where he took up a position as CIO.

His experience means he knows how to design and build enterprise solutions, but also how to develop a critical success path and product development road map in a rapidly growing business.

When not developing global platforms, Ade loves to spend time with his family, and passion for endurance sports.

David Bonbright

Sustainability Product Officer

David is a serial entrepreneur whose four decades or work focus on organisational effectiveness through the lens of mutuality, the positive interactive relationship between people. David is a world leader in understanding social impact.

The Constituent Voice performance measurement and learning system he co-created has been widely adopted by foundations, non-profits, and businesses around the world.

In 2004, in partnership with Nelson Mandela Foundation, he founded Keystone Accountability to measure constituent voice.

David’s considerable experience in social measurement brings additional depth to DeepFathom’s value proposition in the ESG space.

David is an avid family man, devoted to his wife and two children. When given half a chance you will find David trekking to remote areas soaking up nature and board watching.

Karolina Rickard

Management Accountant

Karolina has a Masters in Business Economics, Finance, and Banking after earning a BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It seems only natural that she would end up in the financial department of a SaaS business.

Her experience spans Hume Capital, Ingenica Solutions, Satalia, and Wunderman Thompson Commerce. Karolina loves being part of rapidly growing organisations with great purpose.

Karolina has two young children, with a passion for tennis and spending time outside enjoying life as much as she can.

Malcolm Duffy

Creative Director

Malcolm has been Creative Director at some of London’s top ad agencies, producing award winning work for brands such as Apple, BT, Sainsbury’s, Volvo, The Economist, and the Met Police.

Ever the creative Malcolm set up his own ad agency, Miles Calcraft Bringshaw Duffy, one of the UK’s most innovative start-ups producing the Hovis ‘Go on, lad’ commercial which was voted ad of the decade. Malcolm helped grow and successfully sell the agency.

He became Creative Director of Comic Relief, working on Red Nose day and Sport Relief, helping the charity break through the £1billion barrier for money raised. It was at Comic Relief, inspired by their work assisting victims of domestic violence, he had the idea for his first novel, the award-winning Me Mam. Me Dad. Me. He has written two other critically acclaimed novels, Sofa Surfer, about homelessness, and Read Between the Lies, which explores dyslexia.

Malcolm is married to Kiwi wife, Jann, and has two lively daughters, Tallulah and Tabi. He claims to be a jack of most sports, and a master of none. He is currently trying to master tennis and golf.

Ian Mitchell

Group CEO & DeepFathom Chairman

Ian is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the technology space. His experience covers multiple successful start ups, 4 acquisitions, group formation and exits. It was during this journey that Ian first engaged Ian Rosam’s platform and experienced the incredible value and impact it delivers.

Ian is a firm believer that all businesses are the manifestation of people, market offering, and aligned behaviours. He has a passion for business innovation, technology, people, and the environment.

DeepFathom is a deeply valued subsidiary of the PinPoint Business Group. DeepFathom’s unique approach to measurement and analysis is a core component of our global platform.

Ever the opportunist and adventurer, he has sailed a yacht to India, travelled around Central America and drove a Land Rover across Southern Africa. Ian has a great family around him and tries desperately to keep up with his daughters superior sporting capabilities.

Cian Duggan

Board Advisor

Cian is a successful serial entrepreneur, with interests in Future Mobility, Technology, Climate Change, Environmental Social Governance, and wellbeing.

Cian was the Founder and Director of Carbon Intelligence (now part of Accenture), enabling a zero carbon economy. His heritage and understanding of how to deliver sustainability tech services to blue chips, develop strong descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics is central to our purpose.

Ever the entrepreneur, Cian has recently started Electric Vintage, where he will be giving new life to beautiful classic cars, making them more sustainable and reliable.

We are delighted to have Cian’s sage advice across DeepFathom and our parent company PinPoint Business Group.

Clive Mitchell

Board Advisor

Clive has a wealth of experience across small businesses, technology scale ups, blue chip and government organisations.

He grew up in an entrepreneurial family and applied his passion for engineering, problem solving, and business acumen. After gaining a scholarship at Warwick University he progressed through the Royal Navy to Lieutenant Commander responsible for real time computing, communication systems, IT and cyber security.

Clive then became a Director of Evolution Consulting Group providing Fintech solutions to Investment Banks and Private Equity before ‘FinTech’ was a thing.

These skills earned him Directorships at Morse, PwC, and CIO for Bourne Leisure. His work at Bourne Leisure gave him recognition as one of the UK’s top CIO’s.

The lure of FinTech resulted in the co-founding of Railsbank, after he identified a global need for a platform to bring the banking systems and FinTech community together. This concept saw Railsbank grow from a start up to half $Bn valuation within 5 years.

At 55 Clive choose to follow his plan to retire. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have his advice at DeepFathom and our parent company PinPoint Business Group.

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