The platform revolutionising compliance.

We discover insights that no-one else can.

To build a better business you need the insights that reveal where risks and opportunities lie.

Traditional methods of compliance, risk, and performance management only go so far to unearth these.

DeepFathom has created tools that discover insights no-one else can.

Make better decisions, deliver better outcomes, build a better business.


Peter Wilson, Group MD
Cory Brothers Shipping

“The tools helped us achieve our vision of creating a truly compliant company. Moving away from box ticking and making visible what was really going on.”

Performance highlights.


Cost reduction


Increased audit size


ISO standard compatible


Digital reporting


Faster end-end process


Compatible with ‘blended traditional’ audits

How your business will benefit

You can’t correct problems if you can’t find them.

In the same way the MRI scan revolutionised medicine by revealing conditions in the human body, so DeepFathom reveals insights that previously lay hidden.

Our platform rapidly assesses to what extent your stakeholders are aligned with your goals.

This will save you time and money, whilst reducing complexity and exposing emergent risk.

Discovering and acting upon these will help you build a better business through improved performance, compliance, and agility.

DeepFathom Services

ISO Standards

Helping you audit your ISO standards whilst enhancing your management system and business outputs.

Brewing Audits

A well audited brewery will save money, produce consistent brews, and attract the best distributors, wholesalers, buyers, prices, and discerning customers.

Compliance Auditing

You need more than just a certificate of compliance. DeepFathom goes deep into drivers of business performance and shareholder value creation.

Corporate Governance

Improve governance and decision making by understanding stakeholder alignment to business goals and the magnitude of behaviours to business objectives.

Jo Beer Company Head Shot

Jo Taylor. MD The Beer Company

“The online platform has helped businesses meet the increasing challenges of compliance and audits. It has reduced cost, time, and helped the industry effectively adapt to policy, standards, and operational change.”

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